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Thinking of Getting Hair Restoration Abroad? 14 Things You Must Consider

Are you thinking of getting your hair restoration done abroad?

Turkey has definitely become a popular destination for getting hair restoration, as well as the UAE, India, and Thailand, which offer medical tourism packages. Getting your hair restoration done abroad can be a great option, but there are many things to consider beforehand. These 14 points will make it easier for you to decide which option is best for you.


Keep reading to find out the 14 points you must consider before getting your hair restoration done abroad. 


#1: Is Safety Guaranteed?

When getting your hair restoration done abroad, you have to think, is the safety of the procedure guaranteed? Does it follow FDA regulations and health standards? The U.S. has very strict procedures when it comes to health regulations and standards, but does the place you are thinking of traveling to have them too? Keep this in mind, as this is very important to the health and safety of your hair transplant. 


#2: Are There Financing Options Available?

When traveling abroad for your hair transplant, many clinics will require you to pay full price upfront or at least half before and half after the procedure. There may not be financing options available. Most clinics in the U.S. offer financing options, with payment plans being able to be set up with different banking entities. Payments may be as low as $100-$200/month. Most financing has a low-interest rate. If you are thinking of going the international route, think about the costs associated to travel as well as having to pay the procedure upfront. 


#3: Is There A Local Availability of Doctors and Hair Clinics?

A hair transplant isn’t just a one-time procedure and you’re done. Hair transplants need follow-up appointments at 3 months, 6 months and a year. When getting your hair restoration procedure abroad, you might want to think about these necessary follow-up procedures.  Will you have to travel all the way there again or do these clinics have connections with local hair clinics and doctors? Is there enough availability of these doctors and hair clinics where you live? These are all valid questions you should ask yourself. 


This next point is very important when it comes to safety and certifications. 


#4: Are The Doctors You Will Be Seeing Specialized? 

Doctors who will be performing hair restoration procedures should be specialized in hair restoration and hair management. Have you looked into your international doctor’s certifications? Does your doctor have a good reputation? The U.S. has many regulations when it comes to doctors who are specialized and able to own a reputable practice.  Ask yourself these questions before traveling abroad.


#5: Are the Results of Your Procedure Guaranteed? 

When searching for hair clinics or doctors abroad, make sure they are a clinic that guarantees you get the results you want. Have you been able to see a book of successful hair restoration procedures? Is there evidence of real results?  Does the doctor or clinic have a good reputation? These questions will guarantee you don’t walk into a situation where you have a failed hair transplant or don’t get the results you wanted. 


#6: Is the Procedure Done with the Latest Hair Restoration Technology? 

You might not know it, but there are many ways to get a hair transplant done. These options include FUE, FUT and FUE Robotic Hair Restoration technology. Research the technologies that exist and research the clinic you are thinking of using abroad to make sure they offer the latest options when it comes to hair restoration technologies. This can mean the difference between a successful hair restoration procedure and one that leaves noticeable scarring. 


#7: Does Your Doctor Have a Variety of Industry Knowledge? 

When it comes to hair restoration, your doctor needs to have a variety of knowledge of the industry of hair restoration and must be specialized in this field. Some doctors specialize in age management, hair growth, and hair restoration, so look for doctors who are highly qualified to do the job and will know how to treat you and has experience treating patients with issues like hair loss, balding, alopecia, amongst others. 


Aftercare is very important when it comes to hair restoration procedures, which is why this next point is critical. 


#8: Is There Easy Access to Aftercare?

Accessibility to aftercare is the most important part of a successful hair transplant. As stated before, a hair transplant isn’t just one visit. It requires several follow-ups and the road to achieving results can take months. The first signs of hair growth after a hair transplant start 3 to 6 months after. If you have questions or concerns, you can always reach your hair restoration doctor. In the case of getting your hair restoration done abroad, you might not be able to reach your doctor that is thousands of miles away and you might not have access to aftercare, so keep this in mind when looking for a place to get your procedure done. 

#9: Is There a Wide Availability of Hair Clinics? 

When choosing a location to get your hair restoration procedure done, you want to head somewhere where you have a wide variety of hair clinics to choose from. That is to say, a place that specializes in hair restoration and in an area known for having many hair clinics available. In the U.S., most major cities have hair restoration clinics available, but that might not be the case if you are getting your hair restoration done abroad. Research the city or location you are thinking of going beforehand and see if it is specialized in hair restoration. 


Price is always a factor when deciding on your hair restoration, so keep reading to find out about this next point on our list. 


#10: Do They Have Affordable Price and Graft Packages Available? 

In most hair clinics in the U.S., the price of hair restoration is affordable and packages are available to get hair restoration done by the number of grafts. This might not be the case when getting hair restoration done abroad, so make sure to ask the doctor you are consulting with for pricing of hair procedure and the number of grafts necessary to achieve your desired results. Graft packages are the most affordable way to get hair restoration done, so make sure the clinic you are looking at offers this option. 


#11: Are Robotic Hair Transplants Available? 

Robotic Hair Restoration is the most cutting edge technology when it comes to hair restoration and the top choice for most doctors. Traditional hair restoration procedures are often time-consuming, painful, inconsistent, and lack desired results. Robotic Hair Restoration reduces scarring, pain and gives you a customized treatment with permanent and natural-looking results. This technology is available in the U.S., but might not be available in all clinics abroad. Make sure you find out if this technology is available in the clinic choices you are looking at abroad, as it is your best bet at achieving your desired results. 


#12: Is There International Travel Involved?

This is a big thing to consider when choosing your hair restoration clinic. When choosing international locations for your hair restoration, lengthy travel time will be required for you to access your hair transplant. International travel can be a strain on the body, especially after a hair transplant, so it might be something to consider. It can also be very expensive to travel internationally, depending on where the hair clinic is located and this will sum up into your hair restoration procedure. Some countries will even require you to receive shots and other health precautions, so keep that in mind when looking for clinics abroad. 


Safety and sanitary conditions are vital for your hair restoration, which is why this next point is so important. 


#13: Is There a Risk of Unsanitary Conditions? 

In the U.S., there are many restrictions when it comes to sanitary conditions and surgical procedures. There is no risk of unsanitary conditions in the clinic you are visiting. Is this the case in the clinic you are visiting abroad? No clinic will say this upfront, so check into the country’s sanitary regulations and conditions when it comes to surgical procedures before you walk into a situation you might not be comfortable in. 


#14: Is There Complications Support? 

Having support in case of complications during or after your procedure is important. You need to be sure you can always reach your doctor in case of complications. If your clinic is local, this might be easy, but that might not be the case when your hair clinic is abroad. You might not be able to reach your doctor if they are far away, so keep this in mind when thinking about where to get your hair restoration done. 



Like we said, getting your hair restoration done abroad may be a good option. Many countries have reputable hair clinics and a whole medical tourism movement, but there are certainly many things to consider before deciding which hair clinic is right for you and which location in the world you should choose. We hope these 14 points have made it easier for you to decide. In the end, what’s important is that you are comfortable with your decision and excited to start this new chapter in your life, one that includes new hair. Good luck!


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