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At Boston Robotic Hair Restoration, our expert staff uses the most advanced technology in the industry with the ARTAS® Robotic Procedure. Boston Robotic Hair Restoration is the proud home of the first iX robot in New England, the latest version of the ARTAS® Robot technology. We’ve chosen this technology to ensure your procedure is painless, quick, and leaves no scars.

"Dr. Boman & Dr. Gluck helped me get back my hair & my confidence."

Specialized Surgeons

Our staff of board-certified surgeons specializes in Age Management Medicine and are committed to an outstanding, comfortable, and professional experience for every patient.

Natural-Looking Results

ARTAS® Robotic Hair Restoration is a clinically proven, permanent hair loss solution that provides natural results without the scarring, giving you the freedom to style your hair the way you'd like.

Award-Winning Service

Boston Robotic Hair Restoration has been awarded for clinical expertise using the ARTAS® iX Robotic Hair Transplant Technology for hair restoration procedures.

The First ARTAS iX in New England

The World's Only Robotic Hair Restoration Procedure

The innovative Robotic Hair Restoration Procedure eliminates the need for long incisions or stitches, making your hair transplantation treatment virtually undetectable. It is the most advanced, non-invasive procedure, leaving no traces or linear scarring. Recovery time is almost immediate. 

The World's Most Advanced Hair Restoration Technology

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Real Patients, Real Results:

“I knew this procedure was right for me, and now I've never felt better.”

"Losing my hair at such a young age had really bothered me, and my confidence took a big hit. But after speaking with Dr. Boman & Dr. Gluck, I knew that this procedure was right for me, and now I've never felt better. They made the whole process simple and easy, and their financing options made it affordable as well."

- Stephen

28, Somerville, MA

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