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Before the age of 50, nearly 85% of men will have experienced significant hair loss and thinning. But now there's a permanent solution that's changing lives. See why our clients chose Boston Robotic Hair Restoration to help them fight back against hair loss. Find their full stories below.

The ARTAS procedure was night and day compared to my strip surgery. The procedure was so smooth, comfortable and pain free. I actually fell asleep a few times. Compared to strip, my recovery time was phenomenal. I was back at work the next day.
I felt comfortable and all my fears went away when I could see my hair before I get my hair through a simulation process. One of the top reasons I chose the ARTAS procedure over the strip procedure was the pain factor. The strip procedure is very painful and the ARTAS procedure has no pain at all.
Phil D.
In my opinion, the procedure was pain free. You're sitting having the procedure done just shooting the breeze with the doctors. It costs a bit more but in my mind it was well worth the difference in price. Totally well worth it!
Doug B.

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