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Discover a permanent solution for hair loss. At Boston Robotic Hair Restoration, our expert staff uses the most advanced technology in the industry with the ARTAS® Robotic Procedure. Boston Robotic Hair Restoration is the proud home of the first iX robot in New England, the latest version of the ARTAS® Robot technology.  We’ve chosen this technology to ensure your procedure is painless, quick, and leaves no scars. The FDA-approved system utilizes intelligent algorithms to match the real shape of your hair, giving you the most natural look. Our physicians see continued success with this computer-assisted system for speed, but more importantly, accuracy.

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Why Boston Robotic Hair Restoration Stands Apart

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Most Advanced Technology

The ARTAS® Robotic Procedure delivers the most advanced hair restoration experience in the industry.

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Expert Physicians

Our staff of board-certified surgeons specializes in Age Management Medicine and are committed to an outstanding, comfortable, and professional experience for every patient.

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Industry Knowledge

We’re experts on not just hair restoration, but the reasons for hair loss. Knowing the root of the problem is the first step is creating a successful solution that will last.

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Personalized Results

Robotic technology delivers a 3D scan with projected results, identifies optimal transplant hairs, and assists our expert physicians in strategic harvesting to avoid damage of healthy hair while providing new growth and healthy look.

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Commitment to Comfort

We ensure the comfort of every patient which is why we’ve chosen procedure technology that is virtually painless during and after. We’ve chosen this method for its minimally invasive nature.

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Satisfied Client Base

Our clients find a new sense of confidence and satisfaction after their procedure. Our continuous successes prove us to be one of the top restoration clinics in the industry.

Meet Dr. Lars Boman

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Meet Dr. Clifford Gluck

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